Hello there! Welcome to the new Eighty Seven Creations website. Take a look. Get creative.

A Little Bit About Me

What are you doing?

A blog. But also an outlet for things that I create. Look off to the side – Instagram is where I post all my creations.

What do you create? 

I dabble in crocheting (my true love), knitting (when the motivation strikes), sewing (enough to get by, let’s be honest), embroidery, candle making, hand lettering, and eventually want to explore yarn dyeing. I just need to actually take some courses on it first. Don’t want to end up dyeing my whole kitchen…

Where can we find you? 

While this website is a space for my blogging and free version of patterns, I primarily post on Instagram . You can also find me on Ravelry if you are a knitter/crocheter. I also own an Etsy shop that includes a few patterns along with items available for sale. I work full-time so this is just my fun side-hustle! Bear with me please!

Who are you? 

The name is Tina.

Creator of some humans and crafts. Wife of a pretty sweet dude. Lover of television and food and hater of movies and cooking. Secret introvert but pretend extrovert.

Places you can find me: On my couch. I’m most likely crocheting there and I don’t like when people talk when I’m trying to count stitches.