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Large Iced Sweater

I love me some Dunkin’ coffee. Iced coffee, hot coffee, doesn’t matter. I’m a simple kind of girl, too. Cream and Splenda. Nothing crazy. But since I drink it so much and rack up so many points towards free coffee, I might as well crochet some swag to accommodate my obsession.

Also, did I mention we named our gorgeous rescue dog Dunkin’? Apostrophe and everything. Here is her in her natural element:

Find me poolside. Fetch me a coffee.

Now that you have admired my beautifully goofy and precious girl, let’s move on to the pattern. If you prefer an ad-free version and would like to support my small business, please visit my Etsy page to purchase the pattern and receive a PDF version to add to your collection. It is also available on Ravelry to add to your library. Thank you for your support!

Does your iced coffee sweat all over the place? Try this pattern then!

Supplies Needed:

Worsted weight (size 4) yarn.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in Orange as well as Lion Brand Basic Stitch in a hot pink hue. I adore the anti-pilling type yarns because they have a much smoother finish to accessories. I had a few testers use just one color as well as more than 3 colors – it all looked fabulous! Just be ready to carry your yarn or weave in more ends.

Obsessed with this Furls hook. I’m not even affiliate. But I want to be!

Size G hook (4.00 mm) – after round 4, your base should measure 2.75″ to 3″. If not, please adjust your hook size accordingly. However, it is not SUPER critical. The base is simply that – something to make sure that the coffee doesn’t slip through the sweater and then your whole day is ruined because your coffee dropped itself!

Stitch marker – Anyone else have 300 of these and find them randomly around their house? One time, I found one on our back patio next to pool noodles. No idea how it got there. Sometimes they do fall out of my jeans pockets, though.

Special Stitches:

Popcorn Stitch (altered): You normally see 5 dc’s in a popcorn stitch but that was making the drink sweater too bulky. This makes your stitch a bit smaller. Double crochet in same stitch four times. Remove hook from yarn. Insert hook into first dc from the *front* and grab the loop made from the 4th dc. Pull loop through first dc. Ch. 1 to complete the popcorn stitch. This chain one is SEPARATE from the ch. 1 in the pattern. So, technically you will have two chains between your popcorn stitch and single crochet.

Complete 4 dc.
Insert from the opposite side inwards.
Insert hook into last dc made.
Pull through the loop. Chain 1. Popcorn stitch complete!

Magic Circle/Ring: YouTube is the best place for learning a magic circle/ring. There are so many videos out there that help you understand how to make one and quickly. It’s a must for a lot of projects! View a tutorial here or here if you left-handed. I’m so grateful to crochet YouTubers. They taught me how to crochet nine years ago!

Front Loop Only (FLO): There seems to be a lot of confusion on the internet as to which is FLO and which is BLO. Based on what I found, FLO to me (and to others on the internet – so it’s got to be true, right!?) is closest to me. You will see a line around your work form on the outside of the base so it indicates when the piece will start going upwards around the cup.

This is the kind of effect you want from crocheting into only half the V. (Front loop only)


Round 1: Using Color A, magic circle, ch. 1 then 12 hdc into mc. Sl st to first hdc (12). For mine, I used the fuchsia/pink.

Round 2: Ch. 1. 2 hdc in first stitch and each around (24) Sl st to first hdc . Again, a stitch marker is super helpful to keep this round consistent.

Round 3: Ch. 1. Sc in FLO in same stitch. FLO in each sc around. Sl st to first sc. (36)

At this point, your base should measure 2.75″ to 3″. If not, adjust your hook to meet this gauge.

Yarn rules! Get it?

Round 4: Ch. 1. Sc in next st. Ch 1. *Sk st. Pcs in next sc. ch. 1 (Remember: the pcs has a chain 1 but then there is another chain 1 after it. This will make it 2 ch). Sk st. sc in next st. ch 1.* repeat around. Pcs in last st. sl st to beginning sc and change to Color B. (You should have 9 popcorn stitches)

Round 5: Ch. 1. Sc in next st. Ch 1. *Sk st. Pcs in next sc. ch. 1. Sk st. sc in next st. ch 1.* repeat around. Pcs in last st. Sl st to beginning sc and change colors. (9 pcs)

Round 6: With color B (I used orange), ch 3. Counts as first dc. Insert stitch marker into 3rd ch. Dc 3 more times. Complete pcs. Ch 1. *Sc on top of previous pcs. Ch 1. Pcs. Ch. 1. * Repeat from * to * around until the last stitch. End with a sc. ch 1. Sl st and change to Color A.

I carry the yarn on the inside of my work so it’s not obvious on the outside. However, use your preference. Some of my testers opted to finish off the yarn and weave in ends.

Rounds 7-18: Repeat rounds 5 and 6 six more times (or earlier if you prefer a shorter sweater but end on Round 6). Change to Color A.

NOTE: On the last row, loosely chain so it is easier to do a sc in each chain in the next round.

Round 19: Sc in Color A around. Sl st to first sc while changing color to B. 

Round 20: Sc in Color B around. Finish off. Enjoy your iced coffee or tea!

And that’s it! I hope this helps you avoid the annoying condensation on iced teas and iced coffees. I have ruined desks because of my iced coffee addiction…

Did you use more than 2 colors? I want to see it! Follow me on Instagram and hashtag your work #largeicedsweater and #eightysevencreations

Thank you for enjoying this free version. Add it to your Ravelry library here or if you would like the ad-free version, please visit my Etsy page.


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