Actual Creations

Large Iced Sweater

I love me some Dunkin' coffee. Iced coffee, hot coffee, doesn't matter. I'm a simple kind of girl, too. Cream and Splenda. Nothing crazy. But since I drink it so much and rack up so many points towards free coffee, I might as well crochet some swag to accommodate my obsession. Also, did I mention… Continue reading Large Iced Sweater


I have anxiety. And that’s alright.

Hey, long time no bloggy blog. Sorry about that. Life, man. I have been going back and forth on this blog post for about six months. I actually created the title draft that long ago and it's been staring at me since. I am glad I held off because I have had some insightful conversations… Continue reading I have anxiety. And that’s alright.

Actual Creations

Basket of Scones Pattern

Well, hello there! Welcome to the Basket of Scones pattern. Are you ready for your hands to hurt a bit? Because this little project is a workout! The Story A little background: This basket was made especially for Seven Sisters SconesĀ as part of a Mother's Day box that features businesses by women in the local… Continue reading Basket of Scones Pattern

Actual Creations

DIY Beer Bottle Cutting

Candle making is one of the first adventures I took with this blog, which is why the blog name is more of a company name than it is a blog name. I wanted to create something and wasn't sure what. I also love candles. So why not make some? I was interested in the process… Continue reading DIY Beer Bottle Cutting


The “Please Stop Doing That” List

There is enough awfulness in the world. Don't even bother to turn on the news or check your phone. I guarantee you will find enough news in there to bury yourself in ball full of blankets, cry dramatically, and start googling pictures of dogs walking with booties on. So I get really bananas when people… Continue reading The “Please Stop Doing That” List